Who are Active Industries


Active Industries has been manufacturing the Active Saw for 35 years with the current owners Dennis and Rae Otter running the manufacturing operation for the past 21 years. The Active Saw is a well known and well tested product in the farming community.

The Fountain 2000 Saw has been modified off the Active Saw for customers to use in extra wet areas such as boutique butchers shops, chicken shops and seafood manufacturing.

The nice thing about buying a fully Australian made product is keeping the jobs local and there always being a contact at the other end of the phone to help out with any problems that might arise.

Active Industries manufacture 40 Active Saws a month with 25 Fountain 2000 saws every two months.

Please consider buying Australian – we as a small family company would appreciate it as we employ local people and use local people for powder coating, purchasing nuts and bolts, fibre-glassing etc.